Friday, November 4, 2011

SwagBucks Code Alert

There is a code at the bottom of this blog post:

Hurry, it expires at 2pm PDT (5pm EST)!


  1. Hey there I am one of the co-host from the FNF blog hop! You asked how to add the button to your site. You need to get the HTML. Here is where I learned how to do it:

  2. Thanks for the follow Sasha. I'm following you back via GFC!
    My advice would be to add pictures to your posts. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Shelly, thank you for helping me, I checked out that blog post but it is outdated as Blogger has changed since it was written so I can't find how to do it. I tried to do it on my own and couldn't figure it out so that's why I asked for help. I did it the exact way that the blog post said but Blogger is saying that I am using illegal characters :( Do you know how to make a link say something other than the link? For example, having it say check out my blog here (hyperlinked)instead of showing the web address ( Also, do you know how to do a print screen but only use a part of it when posting, like only a picture of a product and the price instead of your whole screen?

    Traci, thanks for the advice, I am trying to learn how to isolate a print screen so that it shows only what I want to post and not my whole screen, do you know how to do that? Also, do either of you know how to change the time on Blogger? It is showing 3 hours behind the time zone that I am in and it is confusing me.

  4. following you back from the blog hop! how much have you earned with swagbucks? i don't use it too much but i've earned $40 since march 2011.


  5. HI Sasha! Following you via GFC! THanks for stopping by Mindflly frugal Mom!

  6. Naked Mommy, thanks for following me back, I haven't really been doing SwagBucks because I was working 2 jobs so I had no time, just started back up with it and just cashed out my first $5 Amazon GC but I'm hoping to be able to do it more often now that I have the time.

    Sarah, thank you so much for following me back :)